Marquis Investments | Company Strategy
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Marquis Investments is focused on creating positive returns for its investors. We capitalize on a value-add strategy of buying Class B or A multifamily properties that present a value proposition. Marquis Investments prides itself on its unique ability to better manage and renovate at lower costs than the other competitors in the space. The company’s strategy includes the acquisition, improvement and management of previously devalued real estate and redevelopment projects that create and capture value.

Creating Positive Returns

With the unique opportunity to purchase assets well below replacement cost in areas that Marquis Investments has followed for over two decades, the company is extremely excited and confident about future investment opportunities. With the current portfolio as an example, Marquis has shown significant cash flow after stabilization, allowing properties to be refinanced at significantly higher value 18-24 months after purchase.  With this refinancing, investors receive their invested equity back and continue to participate in the cash flow.

Another significant distribution to investors occurs upon disposition of the asset. 

Marquis has recently completed sales of two assets held for 18 months and returned an IRR in excess of 40%, as well as a refinance of another property that has been held for 10 months and returned 90% of the invested equity. Our company believes these transactions validate the team’s market view and strategy.